Sportsbook – What is Handicap?

Handicap bet is when each outcome has a + or – sign applied to it. This handicap is often called the ‘line’. On a ‘line’ of 1.25, one team will have 1.25 points added to their score, one team will have 1.25 points subtracted from their score. The Handicap winner is the team who ‘covers’ the spread based on the line and the final score.

For example, if team A and B are playing a soccer game and the line is +1.25 for team A which means that they’re the underdogs, If they lose by 1 or less you’re going to win the bet. Final result of team A is 1 and team B is 2. If you bet on team A in that case you would win your bet.

You bet on Team A +1.25

Final result,
Team A vs Team B
      1     vs      2
  2.25    vs      2

Team A wins!

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