Sportsbook – What is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a feature that allows the early settlement for whole or a portion of your bet tickets before the results of selected events or fixtures are determined. 

Step 1: Only matches having the “Cash Out” icon are eligible for Cash Out.
Step 2: Select “Statement”. Tick the checkbox to view all tickets across different matches that can be cash out.
Step 3: Cash Out button and Cash Out amount will be shown at each ticket.
Step 4: Use a slider or input stake directly to Cash Out. Please note that the minimum partial cash out amount is at least 20% of the original stake of the bet ticket.

Step 5: Once clicked the “Cash Out” button and confirmed it, the system will immediately process to Cash Out the ticket.


1. Cash Out is not available in Parlays, other multiple betting options and bonus bets.

2. Cash Out can only be processed once for any bets.

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